The Basics of Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be a very cost effective form of marketing if done correctly.

This article will take you through some of the basics of email marketing that will give you a better understanding of what is involved.

We'll be add more posts in the series concentrating on each topic in more details.

Email Marketing Basics


You must have someones permission to send email communication to them. Failure to get permission can lead to you being labelled as a spammer and potentially blocked by the Internet Service Providers (isp)


Each email you send must allow a subscriber to easily. This can either by by clicking a link or sending a simple email. All unsubscribe requests must be honoured.


Getting your email delivered into a recipients inbox is something that every e-marketer strives for. If you're not in the inbox you're probably in the junk folder, and if you're not in the junk folder it means your email didn't get delivered at all.

Having a good reputation is key to getting your email into the recipients inbox. Repuation is made up of many factors including the domain you send email from, how clean your list is, are you hitting spam traps and a host of other factors


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